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Drew Thomas Master Magician Mentalist Illusionist

Spanning the globe to over 67 countries, thousands of special events and over 10,000 live shows, Drew Thomas has been “Making the Magic Happen, for over 3 decades.  


Drew Thomas is an expert at keeping guests engaged and ensuring that your event runs smoothly. He’ll create a memorable program that is both entertaining and reflective of your brand. With Drew Thomas on board, your event is sure to be a success.


Drew Thomas takes the art of illusion to a whole new level, as he effortlessly delves into the minds of the audience, leaving them questioning reality itself. His magic is so mind-bendingly real that you'll swear it's trick photography! Prepare to be awestruck as he weaves suspense, humor, and audience engagement into an unforgettable experience that will have your guests talking about it for years to come.

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Drew Thomas Testimony Satisfied Clients

Former WALT DISNEY WORLD Parks And Resorts Show Director, The Official Magic Consultant For UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Upcoming EPIC Theme Park And Finalist On AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, Illusionist Drew Thomas Is Equipped To Support Your Special Event Entertainment Vision!

Fusing expert sleight-of-hand, mentalism and contemporary grand illusions with exhilarating live music, movement, suspense and a touch of humor, DREW THOMAS isn’t your classical magician; relying on his collection of borrowed items, everyday objects, and the occasional motorcycle, he uses regular items everyone can relate to, providing a fresh and electrifying entertainment experience like no other. With his exuberant personality and intricate illusions that will leave you guessing, DREW THOMAS always mesmerizes…delivering the impossible and making believers out of skeptics!

Born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Columbus, Drew first became serious about magic in 11th grade after breaking his leg while learning to skateboard. With lots of free time on his hands, he pulled out some magic books and practiced intensely. After performing for the annual Senior Spring Fling, he instantly became popular as magic man throughout school,  then developed a birthday magic show business... and the rest is history! With his mother and stepfather behind him 100%, his first summer out of high school, Drew hit the ground running, creating shows for both Sea World and Six Flags and to this day, he still uses some of the original illusions built by his stepfather.

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